Stéphane Heuet has adapted the first two cycles of In Search of Lost Time Swann’s Way and Within a Budding Grove< into comic strips, through seven and soon eight albums. This represents more than 2,500 drawings, some of which, in unanimous opinion, are remarkable. We are a privileged few to have been able to admire them in original version, colors and dimensions and to have wished to acquire a large format print with a wide chromatic palette and in high definition.

            To make these drawings accessible in all their splendor is the ambition of the gallery that we created with Stéphane.  Beyond that, we wanted to share some literary and documentary sources on Marcel Proust's work and his time in the book corner, and by initiating a permanent exhibition of the illustrators of Marcel Proust's work. This collection is still modest, and is continually being enriched.

            Pierre Malvache - Director of the gallery, and Stéphane Heuet scriptwriter and draftsman

            Our intention is to exhibit the prints in a Parisian gallery, circumstances oblige us to postpone this exhibition.